Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congreenience (TM)

Congreenience: Con ∙ green ∙ ience (kuhn-green-yuhns) noun 1. Having the quality of seeming environmentally correct and being readily available to the mass population 2. Thinly veiled attempts by Corporate America to appear green in order to lure customers into buying other things they do not need.

The term congreenience is a trademark and the intellectual property of Sandy Westermann and may not be used without prior written permission and due credit to its owner. Not trying to get all weird about it but the last thing I want is some corporation getting hold of this and making money off my word. Coin your own words, Corporate America.


Cobblestones said...

oh sandy, you crack me up! does this mean you are feeling better? :)

Making Footprints said...

Nope, just poking fun in the face of adversity. Its my coping mechanism.