Sunday, July 26, 2009


Okay, so its no surprise that every pregnant women gets cravings. This time around it has been black cherries. By early May I began stalking the produce manager, sure that cherry season was just around the corner. I was eating dried cherries to keep my craving in check till then but what I really wanted was the juicy red sweet cherry.

Last week I visited my midwife for the first time. The first time at 19 weeks along because I fired my doctor. She put me on 2000 mg of vitamin C daily to build collagen to strengthen my amniotic sac.

I am one to pay close attention to cravings as I always say that your body knows what it needs. Well today I had some time to look into the nutritional content of my beloved cherry. I discovered that cherries are high in vitamin C and a flavonoid called anthocyanin, which gives cherries their red pigment. Anthocyanin also builds collagen.