Monday, September 22, 2008

Feelin' Some Good Energy!

This past weekend I attended the PA Energy Festival for the first time.
The first thing that I noticed was the feeling of unity and peace that was about possibly the most diverse crowd I have ever found myself within. There were Muslims seated next to Mennonites. I saw people of ethnicities I recognized and those of ethinicities I did not know, nor had I seen before. There were newborn babies worn by their moms up to elderly couples that walked hand in hand. The Vegan Society co-existed in the sight of the 4H organically raised sheep for auction.

Most people attending shared a common goal: to tread lightly on the earth. Topics ranged from making your own biodiesel to protecting children from consumerism. Throughout each seminar and speaker common threads of real relationships, community, respect, and changed lives dominated this beautiful tapestry.

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pelenaka said...

Isn't it a great feeling ...

So what ideas did you come away with?