Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just a Bit of Sibling Rivalry

We have been dealing with a huge issue of sibling rivalry between my first and third born. Its been quite bad for a year. Ask if you might, how I know its been a year. My first born is turning ten next month. Last year her third born sibling REFUSED to wish her a happy birthday. Flat. Out. Refused. And thus started the feud that left me in tears Thursday afternoon. My first born, however, apparently left wonderful documentation for me. While cleaning her room today I found an innocent written book with, "This Book is About When Your Sister or Brother Gets on your Nerves and How to Stop it". So, I opened to find this:

Chapter One

If your a person putting up with crap from your sister or brother this is what I did.

1st Pour water on sheets
2nd Pour vinegar on pillow
3rd Put marbles in pillow case
4th Mess up drawers
6th Dirty room badly
7th Make faces at them until they get upset and tell on you then tell your mom you have no idea what he or she is talking about
8th If they have a curtains, tie a string or something to it so when they walk past it falls on them.
9th Get a glass of water and dump it on them and say you did it on accident
10th Put glue on pillow not so much but some
11 Put stink bugs on ceiling
12 Pour salt on bed
13 Lock door first go in it unless you can open it from outside of room
14 If at your siblings best friend's say something embarrassing
15 trip them while walking with water
16 tell the boy or girl they have a crush on that they have one
17 tips don't tell mom about book
18 if your sister harasses you DO WHAT THE BOOK SAYS! Thank you.
19 Don't get fooled by them if they are nice the next day. Its a trick. Trust me on this I have been doing this for a year. but she has improved a little. Well a lot from when we started.
20 if she's just mean start one at a time if a brat do it all every day for a month

Thank you for reading
I hope your sibling improves

P.S. This is so not a joke. I wish it were.


Spinneretta said...

OMG that is just too funny and yet at the same time such a big sister thing to do!
Happy Birthday to S...!

Romans12 said...

Can I make a book recommendation?
Making Brothers and Sisters Friends by Sarah Mally. What I really took away from this book was the importance on sibling friendship. The fact that relationships with siblings are the longest relationships that we have in our lifetime as sibling relations outlive that of parent and child. That relationship is so special and needs to be nurtured. I hope that you find the book as helpful as I did.

Christy, the Notable Blogger said...

I'm getting that book. The one by Sarah Mally, not your daughter. ;)