Saturday, January 1, 2011

Minimalist Snow Running

Last week the weather has cooperated with my getting to try running in my vibrams in the snow.

The day of the storm, I ran 2.6 miles. The snow was whipping me in the face both there and back. It was easy on my feet though as I ran through 3+" of fresh powder. When I was off the trial and back on the street I learned that the road salt will burn your feet. The next time you run it will burn your feet a second time if you don't wash out your shoes. My feet weren't cold until I hit that slush puddle in the crosswalk on the way home.

It was the next few days that became challenging. Warmer days and cold nights made the trail a lumpy hardpack of ice and slush. This was difficult to run on and I have sustained a minor injury to my right ankle when I landed wrong on an uneven patch of ice. Yet something interesting happened. My foot, not bound and paralized by tight shoes, was able to self correct. I felt strange and isolated movement within my foot and went on running instead of winding out sprawled out on the trail. Bonus.

The absolute best thing about wearing vibrams in the snow is the sasquatchesque footprints you leave behind you. You just cannot top that.

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