Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great Wall of Tomatoes - Part I

The great wall of tomatoes is a wonderful thing. I had my husband erect a trellis for me several years ago that borders the broadside of my neighbors silver-blue garage. The great wall of tomatoes is 30' long. For years I have successfully grown my tomatoes here, spaced about a food apart. While reading as much as I can on permaculture, I discovered that this IS permaculture -- I just didn't know it at the time I created it. The silver-blue garage on the north side of the Great Wall of Tomatoes creates a microclimate by reflecting the sunlight, so I am able to sneak in my tomatoes in April and sometime grow them well into November (we are a zone 6, expecting frost till April 30). To the south, my tomatoes are protected by a windbreak comprised of the shed and our parking area. I have grown my tomatoes with basil between them and this year I plan to also grow them with carrots, basil and the occasional naturtium tucked between the plants. Okay...only another 5 months before I can post a picture of The Great Wall of Tomatoes bursting forth with beautiful red fruit.

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