Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's Post-Consumer Blow-Out Sale

also known as...CURB SHOPPING. Now there was a time where I wouldn't have been caught DEAD picking through someone else's discards but that time was long ago. Way back then I wouldn't buy generic groceries or buy anything second hand. Now I will only buy what I cannot get free (via curb shopping, freecycle, etc.) and I will buy new only as a last resort. This morning we pulled a coffee table and a piece of styrofoam insulation that I have already installed in the north wall of the attic. The coffee table has a whoopsie spot on the top but no problem I think I will paint it off white and antique it with stain and ta da!!!! We also got an underthebed plastic storage container with a broken lid that we will use to start seedlings in. Now I tried to get a love seat. It was beautiful, colors that matched our living room, no stains, no rips, just perfect, but I could not jam it in the back of my truck. We tried. It amazes me what people throw out.


Spinneretta said...

Wow... great finds :)
Nice to finally **see** you on here ;)

Jill said...

Your blog looks great! I can't believe you were once the sort of person who wouldn't buy second hand or curb shop. I got that "honest" as they say in Missouri. My mother is the same way. I've been curb shopping with her since I was a child. Thank you mother! See what you are giving your children?!

brooke said...

It looks beautiful here, Sandy? My yard work is ready for you when you get here!