Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Goals

As 2010 comes to a close and I relfect on the year past and the year ahead I compose my goals for 2011:

I would like to live intentionally, in the moment. The two biggest things that prevent me from doing so are planning ahead and catching up. I want to be in the season at the time of the season and reap all the things that season has to offer. I want our life to be fully integrated and seemless with regards to work, play and education. I want a more natural ebb and flow to our day and I want to learn what that means and what that looks like for this family.

I would like to become a calmer, quieter and gentler mommy and wife. I find myself far too often speaking to my kids in an unkind and loud way (bc they listen then!!!) and I don't like the way it sounds. I would like to keep my focus on Jesus even when things are chaotic and especially when they are not.

I would like to continue to learn more about making herbal medicines and actually make several more things for personal use. I will educate myself with on the use of 5 more herbs, and grow five herbs I have never before grown. The ultimate long-term goal here is to set myself up to be somewhat of a local herbalist.

I would like to continue to increase our home food production by growing more intensively, adding meat chickens, and propagating berry producing plants. I would like to offset the cost of poultry by possibly growing mealy worms or sprouting. I would like to maximize this effort by documenting through journaling, labeling, and blogging. I would eventually like to compile my experience into a book on suburban farming.

I would like to do at least one randomly nice thing for someone each weekly. I would like to be quiet enough to be attentive to opportunities to help others and to give to others all the time, not just when things are going well for me but especially when they are not.

I would like to continue my work in localizing food systems by opening another community garden.

I would like to read through the Bible in one year with a great group of people brought togehter by the woman of the metamorphasing moniker. I also plan to read through Deitrich Bonhoffer's Cost of Discipleship.

I would like to declutter both the attic and the basement and set measures to prevent them from becomming akin to the great abyss again.


Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooo I would LOVE to read the Bonhoeffer book with you!
i totally FAILED as an herb gardener this summer. It's something I really WANT to do though, so I will try again!
I find it ironic how much work it takes to live in the moment. It is not just taking things as they come, it is intentionally planning to be free of mind clutter - whatever form that takes for each of us.

Making Footprints said...

Dana, I think you will find yourself much in agreement with this book. Its no doubt avaialble for your kindle.