Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Girls and Boys...its All the Same

This picture and little post is for my dear friend on the West Coast (you know who you are). Little girls climb trees too. Even little 4 year old girls.


Spinneretta said...

LOL here it is MORE likely to be the 4 year old girl than the 8 year old boy. The boy is afraid of heights, while DD is my climber! ;)

brooke said...

Oh, this is a great picture! Did I tell you about the baseball game that Steve took Jake and Eli to - and he looked over and saw a large crowd of people congregating around a tree, looking up? Yep. You guessed it. Eli was stuck ... he had bear climbed up a tree that had no branches until 15 feet from the ground and was requesting assistance to get back down. hee hee There is no doubt your children would have fun with us over here on the West Coast!