Saturday, April 5, 2008

Save NJ Parks

Today we exercised our right to assemble peacfully in protest of Govenor Corzine's proposal to close 9 of New Jersey's parks. There were hundreds of people, old and young gathered outside of Round Valley State Park. Here's the youngest and possibly cutest protester (and no she's not mine -- thanks JW!):

We were addressed by Senator Lance and Assemblywoman Karrow (gotta love her) who gave us their support and vowed to fight against Corzine's plan to close state parks.

If you are a NJ resident I strongly urge you to sign the petition to recall Corzine. He showed disregard for the safety of NJ when he travelled 90 on the Parkway and continues to disregard our well being by taking away our parks where we go to enjoy fresh air and nature. Just go to and download and print a petition. Don't forget to have your neighbors sign.


Jill said...

Good job girls!

I have tagged you on my blog by the way!

Buck said...

SUGGESTION State PARks. The Dept. of Corrections already services Stokes Forest , Wawayanda , High point,Worthington,Jenny Jump and Ringwood State Parks. It also has serviced Stephens , Hopatcong , Waterloo Village and Swartzwood State Parks in the past. .The Department of Corrections Mountainveiw Facility is scheduled to close the unit located in Stokes Forest .The unit has serviced these State Parks for years. The unit houses 110 full Minimum inmates and is a work camp.My suggestion is to Keep the unit open and have 1 or 2 park people go between parks to check on details get trash ect.The officers already have keys for cleaning supplies , rakes , tools etc.

Each Detail presently consists of 1 Officer and 10 inmates.
6 hrs inmate labor x 10 inmates = 60 hrs work per work detail per day.

If the Work camp closes you gain nothing. The inmates will be moved but they will still be incarcerated and paid for by the tax payers.The Staff will be relocated but will still be paid saving nothing.

If it stays open the inmates clean the parks for people to enjoy.

Making Footprints said...

Good point about the work camps. Too bad they cannot make this wrk for other park too.