Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Pupa

Here's an intesting find of yesterday's strawberry planting project -- the pupa, and what a large pupa he...or

Okay, that *is* a six-year-old hand, but still. After several minutes were spent tickling the poor pupa and making it sqirm, came the inevitable chorus of, "can we keep him"? So we made a nice home for him, burried him back in some nice loose, black garden dirt, like were we found him, and placed a stick in his cage so that when hatched he may crawl up and dry his wings.

My experience with these things (yes, I am crazy, I do have experience in these things) tells me this is the pupa of a moth, a large moth. We actually found one quite a bit larger than this a few weeks ago but a certain child "forgot"where she put it. Note to self: keep mouth shut when sleeping.

Now we must remember to keep our dear moth-to-be well watered and moist. Drying out is a grave danger to pupae in captivity.


MobsterLobster said...

I found one of them moth pupa whilst digging up my dad's garden.
In fact I found 4 of them.
I wanted to keep two of them, but thought it best to bury them somewhere else out of harm's way. I was just wondering what they'd end up hatching into. Do you know?
I wish I'd kept them. They felt like my children because I looked after them all day. =[

The Crown Jewel said...

Did it ever emerge? Just found a similar pupa while raking, totally black and similarly ticklish. Have put it in moist dirt at your reco in a butterfly net home.

Jeanine said...

Just found a pupa in my yard when pulling weeds. Glad to know I need to keep it moist. Thanks