Monday, November 3, 2008

Fiber Friends!

We now have two new fiber friends, Sage and Rowland. It took more than 2 hours to groom them today. This was the result of their grooming --

-- 2 bags of fiber and a whole lot of matted and felted fur.

They are quite possibly the kindest and gentlest bunnies I have ever met. Though it was tedious removing the matted fur around their faces, at some parts matted to the skin, they did not nip, even once. I just need to work on my stylist skills a bit before the next shearing.

This is Rowland:

and this is Sage:

I have learned some things about angora bunnies today.

-- Don't groom them indoors.

-- Keep a close eye on the scissors.

-- Do not wear black velvet pants while near these bunnies.

-- Angora fiber is lighter than air.


brooke said...

Oh my goodness ... they're ginormous! My boys said they looked completely fake. :)

contessa20 said...

Holy pete, those suckers are HUGE!!! They are gorgeous though. What are you going to make with the fiber?