Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Nature Hike

Today we took a nature hike up the columbia trail and then we headed down the trail that leads to the waterfall over the Lake Solitude dam.

There has been much to do lately about turning this into a hydro-electric plant. I hope this will decrease the tax burden for this small town. We pay nearly tripple in property tax as the neighboring towns. We continued to follow the trail, which was marked, down to its end, which ended behind some old buildings behind the steel mill. There were some old buildings. Then we stopped by the park and the dizzy dog had fun:

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Tara Marie said...

Those falls are one of my most favorite places and hold so many wonderful memories....my parents house was just up the hill [their property goes up to the trail] and I would walk down every nice afternoon and sit perched on the rocks overlooking the falls from that side and read.....the rushing water as my serenade. On hot summer days, my friends and I would jump off the falls and swim in the currents below.......and at one time there was a swim club on the shores and we would go with our friends who were members. It is a beautiful place and my hopes are that they are saved and put to good use.