Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Freaky Moon

Last night as we were leaving the grocery store the windshield of the truck was filled with a bright full moon, blurred by swirling clouds. My 5 year old remarks to my three year old, “Look at that freaky moon, and mom is driving RIGHT INTO IT!!!” Well, would you know that freaky moon followed us home? Cries of, "that freaky moon is chasing us" drowned out the radio. And when they got inside they let dad know that the freaky moon was waiting. RIGHT. OUT. SIDE.
Here's the Freaky Moon lying in wait in our back yard.

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Rich said...

I remember that moon. Quite a sight. The kids were really taken by it's sight. We were driving back from Karate class. It was right in front of us - right above the horizon. It was sooo big. Almost scary.