Friday, March 14, 2008

The Water Brigade

Yesterday we planted three trees: 2 apple and one almond. We watered them in using rainwater we collected from our gutter downspout. Right now our system primative. We remove the water using a pitcher from the rain barrels and the girls dump the pitcher into buckets on the wagon an drag the wagon to where ever needs water. Our rainbarrels, btw, are recycled water softener tanks. My husband (the plumber and source of the used water softener tanks) wanted to rig up some fancy pumping system and even scavenged up a pump for me. Nice, but my objection to it is that it would use electricity. So I asked the plumber if he could kindly install a valve at the bottom of the container to which I could attach a hose and allow gravity to pump the water. He promises to do this as soon as I have one of the barrels empty.

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